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International Hockey Summer Camps 2018



Capla Hockey Academy offers following services

  • Basic courses for beginners and technique training for advancers
  • Techniques for D-men and Forward with and without the puck
  • Playing in all areas - offense and defence
  • Basic courses for goalkeeper amateurs and goalkeeper training for advancers
  • Training with division based on age and performance level
  • Advanced classes and talent scouting
  • Off Ice Training, balancing sport activities
  • Age-related and practice oriented theory class
  • Performance diagnostics and talent analysis
  • Concentration training
  • Exhibition games
  • Workshops for parents
  • Leisure activities
  • Full-day care
  • Multilingual course management
  • International Coaching Team
  • Daily training program: 2x training on ice plus goalie training, theoretical class, technique and athletic training off ice, sport activities

Conditions of participation

Complete the registration form and send it back to Capla Hockey Academy via Fax +49 40 - 55 260 317 or E-Mail hockeyacademy@capla.eu.

By signing the registration you accept the general terms and conditions of Capla Hockey Academy.

The full participation fee is payable after the receipt of the confirmation of the participation within seven days. Please remit the amount to
Bank: Hamburger Volksbank
IBAN: DE87 2019 0003 0020 7700 14
Payment purpose: Summer Camp Hamburg 2017

The travel costs (to and from Hamburg) are not included in the participation fee. The participation and the journey to and from Hamburg is the participants' own risk. Every participant must have a valid sickness and accident insurance for Germany. We recommend an optional conclusion of a cancellation insurance.

Participation is also open to teams and their coaches. The coaches will be integrated into the Academy Coaches Team.

Please bring following items with you:
Full equipment (due to the regulation for junior players) including sharpened skates, 2 hockey sticks, jersey and socks, minimum 2x underwear to change for the training, water bottle, training suit, training shirt, training shoes, short training pants, trunks, flip - flops, at least 2 towels, skipping rope, writing things, notebook and of course good mood!!!