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Capla Hockey Academy - First German Hockey School founded in 1974

Here you can find some interesting background information about the history and quality of the Capla Hockey Academy.


The history of Capla Hockey Academy begins in 1974 as Josef "Jojo" Capla founded in Füssen the first German Hockey School. In the time period from 1976 to 1984 the school relocated to Rosenheim, where numerous future players of the Ice Hockey National League and German Ice Hockey League (DEL) as well as future players of the National Team had fine-tuned their skills. Jojo Capla assumed in 1996 the management of the DEB (German Hockey Federation) Hockey School in Füssen and made of it, together with Boris Capla who had been also managing the DEB Hockey School till 2000, the DEB Capla Hockey Academy.

In 1999 Capla Hockey Academy successfully participated on the Pee-Wee Tournament in Quebec. The Academy was represented as "Team Munich". The team was built from the participants of the Capla Hockey Academy.

Due to health issues of Jojo Capla, the Capla Hockey Academy had to be put on the back burner in 2001.

In autumn 2011 the Capla Hockey Academy reactivated its Hockey School Program. In the Ice Hall situated in Timmendorfer Strand near Hamburg, also sports diagnostic tests have been conducted in the cooperation with the Institute for Sports and Exercise Medicine in Hamburg. Thank to the collaboration with sports scientists, the participants have been trained correspondent to their personality - individual and goal oriented.


The philosophy of Capla Hockey Academy contains not only an intense and performance-orientated training of the young hockey players on an international level but also the communication and transmission of values, principles and love for the Ice Hockey Game.

"Starting Six Principles" of the Capla Hockey Academy are:


Discipline     Will power

Effort     Fair play     Respect

Thanks to its professional and passionate alignment, Capla Hockey Academy is at the same time a guide trough the development journey of young Hockey players.

Capla Hockey Academy considers itself as addition to work with young talents done by clubs and associations, and have made to its goal to function as an objective link between the parents, clubs and Junior National Teams. Experienced coaches, group division based on individual performance as well as the international orientation of the training level are self-evident for Capla Hockey Academy. Its cornerstones are the provision of high-quality training - on Ice and off Ice, specific theoretical training and special support program for the goalkeepers.


Capla Hockey Academy offers following services:

  • Basic courses for beginners and technique training for advancers
  • Techniques for D-men and forward with and without the puck
  • Playing in all areas - offense and defence
  • Basic courses for goalkeeper amateurs and goalkeeper training for advancers
  • Training with division based on age and performance level
  • Off Ice Training, exercise-sport activities
  • Age-related and practice-oriented theory class
  • Performance diagnostics and talent analysis
  • exhibition games
  • Workshops for parents
  • Leisure activities
  • Full-day care
  • Multilingual course management

The courses can be attended by boys and girls at the age between 7 and 16
Daily training program: 2x training on Ice, theory class, training off Ice, exercise-sport activities
Multilingual course management


Josef "Jojo" Capla:

  • Founder of the first Hockey School (1974) and of the Capla Hockey Academy
  • Holder of the DEB (German Hockey Federation) and CSSR coaching license A
  • Author of numerous books regarding Ice-Hockey
  • CSSR National Team player
  • National League player, 1971-72 best D-men in Germany
  • Head Coach - German Bundesliga
  • Head Coach Bavarian Ice Hockey Federation
  • DEB trainer instructor

Boris Capla:

  • Founder of the Capla Hockey Academy
  • Holder of the DEB coaching license A
  • National League player
  • Junior National Team player - participation in Junior World Championship 1982
  • Junior Head Coach
  • Managing director and general manager of DEL (German Hockey League) Clubs
  • German Hockey League Champion 2000
  • Sports Marketing Award 2004

Ernst Meßthaler:

  • Holder of the DEB coaching license B
  • Junior National Team player, German Champion
  • National League player
  • junior Head Coach

The Team of the Academy will be supported by experienced German and international coaches while giving the courses. Within the training sessions up to 5 coaches will be involved.


Morgans Svensson:

  • DEB A - License
  • Youth Head Coach - Hamburg Freezers, Preussen Berlin / Berlin Capitals (Germany), Vojens (Denmark), Färjestad (Schweden)
  • Head Coach - Mörrum, Malmö, Olofström, Arboga (Schweden), Lillehammer (Norway)
  • Coach of the year in Norwegen 2001 - 2002
  • Swedish national team player

Zdeno Ciger:

  • 352 NHL Games (94 Goals / 134 Assist)
  • 106 Games for Slovak national team
  • 43 Games for CSSR national team
  • Slovak championship with HC Slovan Bratislava 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2005 (Player)
  • Slovak championship with HC Slovan Bratislava 2007 and 2008 (Head Coach)
  • Bronze medal with Slovak national team - WM 2003
  • Bronze medal with CSSR national team - WM 1989 and 1990
  • Assistant Coach of Slovak national team
  • Coach of the year 2008 in Slovakia

Stefan Mayr:

  • DEB A-Lizenz
  • Head Coach - Schülerbundesliga in Kaufbeuren
  • Coaching staff - DNL Team in Kaufbeuren
  • Deutsche Eishockey Liga (Kaufbeuren, Augsburg, Oberhausen, Kassel, Nürnberg)
  • 30 games for the German national team
  • 1998 played at the World Championship in Switzerland

Miroslav Hosek:

  • CSSR - coaching lisence
  • CSSR - Junior National Team player U 17 / U 18
  • Player - Extraliga (Ceske Budejovice, Slavia Prag), 2 leauge Austria (Kapfenberg), 2 leauge Germany (Schalke Gelsenkirchen)
  • Junior coach - HC Meran, Italy (Championship U12 / U16 / U 19)
  • Youth head coach - HC Slavoj, Czech Republic
  • Head coach - Toblach, Italy
  • Coach - Hockey School Jagr Team


Christian Billich:

  • Forward, Freiburg, Heilbronn, Kassel

Steven Billich:

  • Forward, Heilbronn, Freiburg

Patrick Hoffmann:

  • Goalie, Rostock, Hamm, Timmendorf

Luca Heutmekers:

  • Forward, DEG e.V., Geleen (Holland)


Prof. Dr. med. Klaus-Michael Braumann:

  • President of the German Society for Sport Medicine and Prevention
    Member of American College of Sports Medicine
    Member of Society for Orthopaedic Traumatologic Sports Medicine
    Member of German Physiological Society
    Member of ECSS
    Member of DVOST
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the magazine "Forschende Komplementär Medizin" (Researches on complementary medicine)
  • Since 1993 Member of the section "competitive sports" in the German Society for Sport Medicine and Prevention, since 1997 chairman of this section
  • Since 1998 chairman of the Hamburg Association of Sports Physicians

Scientific focal points:

  • Performance physiological studies on the muscle metabolism in various sports disciplines
  • spiroergometry while swimming in jet stream canal
  • Diagnostics of overtrain and overstrain symptoms
  • exploration of possibilities of the movement therapy while handling with different diseases Development of suitable movement therapy methods for patients with heart failure, hypertension, obesity or with operated mamma carcinoma
  • Studies on measurement and trainability of the proprioceptive skills as well as the degree to which they can be influenced by orthosis